• 100% Natural product
  • No Additive used
  • Safe for your health
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero Side-effects
  • Produced with HYS using organic fertilizers
  • Enriched with High Nutritional value
  • Good for nature
  • Free from GMO
  • Free from chemicals and pesticides
  • Cost Effective
  • Good for health
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easily available
  • Value for money

Best Selling Products

Why Organic

How often have you encountered your parents reminiscing about the days gone by and narrating how good those days were? In the good old days, when inflation was low, purity was considered a hallmark of the product. However, it would be absurd to make a comparison to the present. Undoubtedly, with every passing day, technology has blessed our lives with many goodies. Yet, an important part of our lifestyle lags behind as a result of a low mortality rate, stunting, wasting, being underweight, and being prone to various ailments.

The cost we pay is so huge that it not only causes a big dent in our savings but also causes a physical, mental, and psychological imbalance in our modern lifestyle. Despite spending a good amount of money on quality products, we seldom get any respite for longer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle has become more of a compulsion than a necessity, and no matter how hard we try to make it perfect, the most important part of it is often sidelined: food. The adulterated and defiled products dissipate all our efforts.

However, to address such an important concern and the grave consequences for our lifestyle of using such products, a new category of food variants has been created: "Organic". Organic food is the only solution to a healthy lifestyle. The biggest benefit to organic food is its purity and authentic taste, which take you back to allies of an old, gone-by era that your parents narrated stories about. Organic products are blessed with many such qualities as:

What We Do

RAV Organics is completely dedicated to providing value to its stakeholders, like farmers, consumers, and investors.
We offer an array of services in this vertical, such as:



We are actively involved in buying and selling agricultural lands and farmlands. Our land procurement team of professionals is in constant search of productive pieces of land. Once the search for the desired land is over, our team of scientists conducts a sampling survey of the soil to ascertain its quality and fertility. These lands are procured to meet our in-house demand for organic products and are also being used to sell to customers.



We also work to manage the farmlands. Under the guidance of our expert team of scientists, a survey of the land is being conducted, and high-yielding producing seeds (HYP) and natural fertilizers are used for cultivation. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are being used in the entire production process. This helps to maintain the fertility of the soil and keeps the farm's products natural, fresh, and organic. The farm's products are then sold to the market, and the revenue is shared between the farm owner and the company.



We strongly believe that good health always begins with good food. We not only produce organic farm products but also market them under our brand name. Besides, many of our household food items are also produced through the processing of organic products. The great aroma and rich taste are hard to pass by, and they entice your taste buds for longer.



At RAV Organics, we also launched the FARMER ENRICHMENT PROGRAMM. The aim of this initiative is to encourage farmers to cultivate organically and provide them with the necessary support and guidance to make organic farming more sustainable and growth-oriented.



With RAV Organics, you open the doors to unlimited earning potential. One might be busy working, running their businesses, studying, or doing anything else, but he or she can become a channel partner by promoting our products and can earn unlimited referral income from our business model.



Start your own business without worrying about stability. Our well-established products and strong customer support are always ready to provide adequate support for your business. An updated list of inventories, originality, and authentic products never go out of vogue. Great discounts, high customer demands, niche product categories, and value for money are always additional benefits that make your business in demand.

Customer Review

Ms. Ayushi Tyagi

“I used RAV herbal toothpaste for the first time, and then I started regularly using it. It does not only clean my teeth but also provides protection against loss and cavities. I feel fresh with good breath. It solved all my gum problems as well. a totally trustworthy product from RAV Organics.""

Mrs. Nidhi Gary

"The organic Vitamin C face serum recommended to me has an awesome result. It works like magic on my skin. I really loved it. My skin became flawless and rejuvenating day by day. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. Thank you, RAV Organics, for such a wonderful product.”

Mrs. Seema Tyagi

“I used RAV Organic Turmeric for a trial at first. To my surprise, it was the same as what I used from the local grocery store to get it grinded. I am very selective when it comes to my family's health. RAV Organic Turmeric is better than other turmeric available on the market. Other turmeric does not contain a good and authentic smell but rather feels like an artificial colour has been added to add texture. I am very satisfied with RAV Organic Turmeric. Its quality and taste are unparalleled.”

Ms. Noopur Chaudhary

" I want to tell you about the results of sunscreen and vitamin C serum. Both products are too good. I am very happy with the results of both products; they are amazing. After the use of the serum, my skin is glowing, and the dark patches on my face are clear. Thanks, R.A.V. Organic, for the amazing product. "

Ms. Mamta Chaudhary

"I have been using the Vitamin C serum of RAV Organics for the last 2 months. Regular usage of this serum made my skin spotless and even. I also tried other products from this brand and found that it is the only brand that provides organic products that do not harm my skin."I have been using the vitamin C serum of this brand for the last 2 months. I had bumpy skin with aches and big pores, but after the constant use of this serum, I started observing that my ache is decreasing and my skin is also getting even. I liked the other products of this brand also and finally found the one brand which produces organic products that don't cause any harm to my skin. "

Soil To Plate


The first phase begins with finding suitable land or farms for organic cultivation. Our team put forth their best effort to find a suitable land plot available for cultivation. The detail verification, legal preceding, and various other requisite formalities are being done to ensure that it meets our requirements. The fertility of the land is also being tested, and a detailed report is being prepared.


In this phase, the scientists and other experts perform a quality check for the suitability of the crops and their fertility. Moisture-bearing capacity, type of soil, productivity, and other important aspects are carefully monitored and recorded. Demographic factors, climatic conditions, and precipitation rate are some of the key factors that help to understand and estimate the yield.


Once the thorough inspection and investigation of the initial stage are done, High-yield seeds (HYS) and organic fertilizers are used for proper mentoring and guidance to ensure the production of organic crops.


At this step, organically produced products are procured and processed for the next level. These products can be used for sale to customers or for various other uses.

RAV Organics is a subsidiary of RAV Group. The sole purpose of the venture lies in the ideology of providing healthy food, adding value to stakeholders, and raising the standard of people’s lifestyles. RAV Group is constantly thriving to render its best products and services to society. We uphold the importance of a healthy body, mind, and soul. At RAV Organics, our team of experts puts extra leverage into delivering our best. Our business model is simple yet bifurcated into sections to take care of the needs of different stakeholders. Our ‘Soil to Plate’ initiative is intended to bring about a revolution in organic farming. In which we directly deliver fresh organic farm products to you. These farm products are produced and procured under the strict monitoring and guidance of expert scientists. No harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers are used to produce these products, keeping the authenticity, taste, and flavors intact.

Besides, our mission consists of giving due advantage to the most important pillars of society, our farmers. We train them, instill the values of healthy food, increase their income, and make Indian agrarian society sustainable. High-Yield Producing Seeds (HYPS), the usage of bio-fertilizers, bio-manure, and other such practices are being used to maintain the fertility of the soil and ensure high yields for a long time. It also reduces the cost of production.




Future Prospect

Organic farming is the need of the hour. The economic survey of 2022–23 shows that there are a total of 4.43 million organic farmers in India. However, the union budget of 2023–24 is devised to help 10 million farmers over the next three years adopt natural farming techniques, which will help organic farming provide organic inputs to the farmers. Similarly, the budget was also provisioned for the establishment of Bhartiya Prakritik Kheti Bio-Input Resource Centres to meet the additional demand for organic fertilisers. Under this scheme, around 10,000 bio-input resource centres are about to be set up, which will create a network of micro-fertilisers and pesticides at the national level. Currently, around 5.91 million hectares of land are being used for organic farming, which is merely 4% of the total net agricultural area, according to the economic survey. The government focuses on promoting organic farming by incentivizing farmers. In a similar fashion, a new scheme, PM-PRANAM (Prime Minister Programme for Restoration, Awareness, Nourishment, and Amelioration), has also been launched to incentivize farmers to reduce the use of chemical-based fertiliser. Under the GOBARdhan scheme (Galvanising Organic Bio-Agro Resource Dhan), 500 new Waste to Wealth plants will be set up for bio-mass collection and producing bio-manure for organic farming. In short, we can say that the future of organic farming is very bright and will assure a greater return to all stakeholders.